Wall Sling System

Patent Application Number : 10-2016-0134765
Title of Invention : Integrated sling structure and wall sling system for manual theraphy & effective exercise

  • Wall Mounted Sling System
  • To do various resistance movement using pulley under wall bar

Product Point

WSS Accessories

Relaxation / Mobilization / Strengthening / Stabilization Exercise

  1. Wall Sling Device : W300mm D950mm H 2200mm
  2. Tubing Band Set : Tubing(Red, Green, blue,Black, Silver) 120cm x 2ea
  3. Multi Strap (2ea) : 340mm X 90mm
  4. Power Grip(2ea) : 120mm x 240mm x Ø30
  5. Pulley, S-biner(최대하중 11kg) : 4 set
  6. Rope 30cm(2ea) : Ø8 X 300mm
  7. Rope 60cm(4ea) : Ø8 X 600mm
  8. Elastic 30kg(2ea) : Ø8 X 300mm(30kg)
  9. Elastic 50kg(2ea) : Ø8 X 300mm(50kg)
  10. Rope 4m(1ea) : Ø8 X 4,000mm
  11. Small Holder(1ea) : 670mm X 90mm
  12. Medium Holder(2ea) : 880mm X 120mm
  13. Large Holder(1ea) : 870mm X 240mm
  14. Multi Strap(2ea) : 340mm X 90mm
  15. Accessary Holder (2ea) : 500mm X 40mm
  • The product is comprised of wall bars and a sling system. Tubing bands, elastic bands, or weights can be hung on the wall bar, and various accessories can be used with thesling system.
  • A pulley is attached to the wall bar to adjust heights so that closed kinetic chain, open kinetic chain, and various activities can be performed in a confined space.
  • A height control bar is fixed on the wall, six pulleys are attached to the slings, and a net-bar is installed on a wall bar so that elastic and non-elastic ropesas well as weights can be hung to do open kinetic chain exercise.
  • The product provides a helping hand through various accessories while performing manual therapy and therapeutic exercises.
  • Various slings, bands, and weights can be applied to provide customized training to a patient.
  • Slings and harnesses can be used for a stroke patient who has decreased stability to enable the patient to safely perform strengthening exercises and gait training.
  • You can perform mobilization, relaxation, traction, Open Kinetic Chain (OKC), Closed kinetic chain (CKC), static, or dynamic stability exercises for posture such as standing, sitting, prone, supine, etc.
  • You can apply Power Sling System for rehabilitative exercise therapy after damage to the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, sports, operations, or other sorts of diseases. Also, it helps maintain good health, strengthen the muscles, and prevent aerobic and anaerobic exercise.
  • It can be efficiently used for a customized exercise program.
  • Indication: Stroke, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, adhesive capsulitis, spinal stenosis, degenerative arthritis, scoliosis, facet joint syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, rotator cuff tear, and before and after pregnancy.
  • Contraindication: Severe inflammation, tumors, soft tissue rupture, fracture, and severe symptoms.