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MEDISHINE, a wireless drug infusion, is a multi-purpose drug injector that can use any drug, including filters, hydro lifting injection, Botox, vitamins, PRP, placenta injection and others.

Product Composition

Wireless Foot Switch

The World’s first wireless application of the foot switch

Free procedure is possible without trembling hands. Hand switching and foot switching is possible.



HA Anti-Aging Injection

An exclusive multi needle with 5 needles (1.2mm) or a meso therapy use 30G 2/1 needle is used to precisely inject to dermis in the procedure to feel thorough moisture. For the HA Anti-Aging Injecting, is is important to precisely inject to dermis with HA. An effective procedure is possible with Medishine that both multi needles and 1PIN needles.

Generally, the thickness of dermis is 1 ~ 1.5mm.
Also, the thickness of the skin within a person’s face may also vary.
Therefore, it is difficult to precisely inject the desired substances into desmis.
Using multi needles makes for a simple procedure but due to the above reasons, doctors, though inconvenient as it is, have to put personally manipulate the injection.
However, because of the nature of HA, the form is like a sticky gel causing the operator to feel great fatigue which leads to side effects, and therefore MEDISHINE that makes fixed amount and constant injection possible, is an alternative.
When doing the hydro injection procedure, by doing skin botox (Unlike existing Botox procedures, injections are made into the dermis rather than muscle to give an elastic lifting effect and tighness to improve wrinkles, minimize pores and clear and improve the skin tone) or mixing therapy (cocktail therapy) together, it creates synergy effect to make the skin even tighter and to recive lifting effects.