Tensile Force System

Product Point

  1. Mobile App Program : Download from Reference room
  2. Tensile Sensor_50kg 6개(77mm X 38mm X 21mm) / biner
  3. Tablet PC (Mobile phone available)
  4. 6 charge cable
  5. Product case
  6. Tablet stand
  7. Uer’s manual (print)

PTFS App manual

Example Usage

PTFS App Manual

  • Used with the Functional Training System (FTS) for measurements and evaluations.
  • It can be used with the FTS for rehabilitative exercise therapy after musculoskeletal or nervous system injury, sports injury, surgery, or other conditions, particularly scoliosis.
  • Used for posture and movement evaluation for patients with musculoskeletal disease.
  • Used during gait training for patients with central nervous system disease.

1. Measurements and evaluations

  • Measurement of static and dynamic tensile force in three axes and planes.
  • User’s measurement history management and building a database.
  • Printing report based on tensile force (PDF file saving function).

2. Training

  • Visual feedback training is possible by checking real-time tensile force. It is loaded with elastic rope in theree axes and planes and has guidelines video for keeping a natural posture while using the FTS.
  • Provides real-time guidelines video for maintaining a natural posture and movement patterns on the FTS.
  • It can check tensile force that is needed for a natural posture.
  • It is possible to perform symmetric exercise training during bilateral weight-bearing exercise, functional training and gait training.