Power Sling System (PSS) or Veloz Sling System (VSS)

Product Images

Manual & Exercise Therapy

  1. Power Sling Unit(1ea) : 570mm X 185mm X 75mm
  2. Rope 30cm(2ea) : Ø8 X 300mm
  3. Rope 60cm(4ea) : Ø8 X 600mm
  4. Elastic 30kg(2ea) : Ø8 X 300mm(30kg)
  5. Elastic 50kg(2ea) : Ø8 X 300mm(50kg)
  6. Rope 4m(1ea) : Ø8 X 4,000mm
  7. Small Holder(1ea) : 670mm X 90mm
  8. Medium Holder(2ea) : 880mm X 120mm
  9. Large Holder(1ea) : 870mm X 240mm
  10. Multi Strap(2ea) : 340mm X 90mm
  11. Accessary Holder (1ea) : 500mm X 40mm
  • It can do exercise and manual therapy through various and convenient Accessory.
  • It contains pully system, resistance of the Rope, and to lose weight.
  • It stick on the ceiling so it is safe and gave extra space.
  • The method how to use is simple so, active exercise therapy is possible.
  • You can control the exercise intensity of hanging point, position of the body and lenth of the rope.
  • You can easily do mobilization, relaxation, traction, OKC, CKC, static or dynamic, stability exercise through standing, sitting, prone, supine, or various position, etc.
  • You can apply to rehabilitative exercise therapy, maintaining health, muscle strengthening, aerobics, weight training, and prevent various kind of disease after musculoskeletal, nervous system, sports damages, and operations.
  • It can use to 1:1 fitting exercise or GX exercise program.