Physical Training System

Physical Training System (PTS) : Power 0r Veloz

  • Sliding system with three velox sling units
  • Bearing driving method by round bar axis (Free driving within weight limitation)
  • Toothed wheel typed lock (PTS Veloz is stable without shaking or nodding)
  • Minimize gravity with whole body support

Product Images

PTS Illustration

  1. PTS Device(Sliding system) : W 680mm D1,805 H200m Weight 60kg
  2. Sling Unit (3ea) : 570mm X 185mm X 75mm
  3. Chest Holder (1ea) : 1000mm X 720mm
  4. Large Holder (1ea) : 870mm X 240mm
  5. Medium Holder (4ea) : 880mm X 120mm
  6. Small Holder (1ea) : 670mm X 90mm
  7. Multi Strap (4ea) : 340mm X 90mm
  8. Rope 3m(1ea) : Ø8 X 3,000mm
  9. Rope 60cm(4ea) : Ø8 X 600m
  10. Rope 30cm(4ea) : Ø8 X 300mm
  11. Elastic 50kg(2ea) : Ø8 X 300mm (50kg)
  12. Elastic 30kg(2ea) : Ø8 X 300mm (30kg)
  13. Elastic 80kg(4ea) : Ø8 X 300mm (80kg)
  14. Traction Holder(1ea) : 800mm X 200mm
  15. Accessory Holder(1ea) : 500mm X 40mm
  • It contains pulley system for soft axis movement.
  • It can use helping hand principle using through various accessory in Manual and Exercise Therapy.
  • It can use freely Exercise and Manual Therapy through 3 Axis and 3 plan using 3D motion at the same time.
  • It can easily find Neutral Zone as do Manual Therapy to make gravity decreased through Total Body Support.
  • Static Stability Exercise Therapy is possible through the little resistance with Total Body Support.
  • The various Manual and Exercise Therapy are possible when 3 power slings and a cervical suspension pulley attached each other.
  • You can perform mobilization, relaxation, traction, Open Kinetic Chain (OKC), Closed kinetic chain (CKC), static, or dynamic stability exercises for posture such as standing, sitting, prone, supine, etc.
  • You can apply Power Sling System for rehabilitative exercise therapy after damage to the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, sports, operations, or other sorts of diseases. Also, it helps maintain good health, strengthen the muscles, and prevent aerobic and anaerobic exercise.
  • PTS is useful for a 1:1 individual exercise and a group exercise (GX) program.
  • Indication: Stroke, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, adhesive capsulitis, spinal stenosis, degenerative arthritis, scoliosis, facet joint syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, rotator cuff tear, and before and after pregnancy Contraindication: Severe inflammation, tumors, soft tissue rupture, fracture, and severe symptoms.