Manual Therapy System

Patent Application Number : 10-2016-0060065
Title of Invention : Manual Therapy Device

  • Movable stand type Multi – Sling System.
  • Sling system for maximizing the therapist’s manual therapy.
  • Total Body Support & Manual Therapeutic Exercise with 3 Sling units for smooth axis movement.
  • Convenience of Lumbar & Neck Traction with left and right bar and upper sling unit.
  • Connect Pulley to left and right bar and upper sling hole to perform various tubing exercise.
  • Possible to resistance movement by using a weight bag (0.5 – 3kg).

Exercise & Traction

  1. MTS Device(Sliding System) : W 3200mm D 1300mm H 2300mm Weight 180kg Break Rope(3ea) : Ø8 X 750mm
  2. Chest Holder (1ea) : 960mm X 640mm
  3. Large Holder (1ea) : 870mm X 240mm
  4. Medium Holder (2ea) : 880mm X 120mm
  5. Small Holder (1ea) : 670mm X 90mm
  6. Multi Strap (4ea) : 340mm X 90mm
  7. Traction Holder (1ea) :800mm X 200mm
  8. Static Holder (2ea) : 900mmX 185mm
  9. Lumbar Traction Holder (3ea 1Set) :1170mm X1200mm
  10. Face Holder (1ea) :380mm X 250mm
  11. Foot Holder (2ea) : 190mm X 165mm
  12. Rope 30cm(4ea) : Ø8 X 300mm
  13. Rope 60cm(4ea) : Ø8 X 600m
  14. Rope 3m(1ea) : Ø8 X 3000m
  15. Length control assist Rope : 1m, 2m(각 2ea)
  16. Length control elastic 30kg : 1500mm / 1800mm
  17. Elastic 50kg(2ea) : Ø8 X 300mm (50kg)
  18. Elastic 30kg(2ea) : Ø8 X 300mm (30kg)
  19. Elastic 80kg(4ea) : Ø8 X 300mm (80kg)
  20. Tubing(각 2ea) : Silver 800mm / (Red, Green, Blue, Black, Siver) 500mm
  21. Accessory Holder(3ea) : 500mm x 40mm
  22. Pulley(5ea) + S-Ring(5ea)
  • Equipment and sling are unitized, smooth shaft shift is possible due to bearing drive type with circular shaft, and stable without shaking or wobbling by using gear type locking device at the center.
  • Can provide a role of helping hand in manual treatment to lessen the burden of therapist, can elevate the comfort of patient, and can provide variant types of exercise treatments depending the disorders of patient including exercise treatment using variant shafts, muscular force intensifying and using height adjusting levers on right and left side.
  • By using 3 sling devices, can minimize the gravity while doing total body support or partial body support for enabling training fit for individual freely.
  • Training can be provided from low level of difficulty to high level of difficulty depending on individual’s capacity of muscle contraction.
  • Resistance exercise at open kinetic chain is possible by using variant weight bags after connecting 5 pulleys onto holes of upper sling and height adjusting lever on right and left side.
  • By utilizing pulleys connected to upper sling and right/left height adjusting levers patients can efficiently perform the neck traction and lumbar traction without help of the therapist.
  • Can provide precise therapeutic exercise because the body acting as a fixed axis can be firmly fixed by rope put onto pulley at right/left and top when inducing the movements of bodily links relative to the fixed axis.
  • Can be installed at a small space and easily moved to wherever for installation.
  • You can perform mobilization, relaxation, traction, Open Kinetic Chain (OKC), Closed kinetic chain (CKC), static, or dynamic stability exercises for posture such as standing, sitting, prone, supine, etc.
  • You can apply Power Sling System for rehabilitative exercise therapy after damage to the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, sports, operations, or other sorts of diseases. Also, it helps maintain good health, strengthen the muscles, and prevent aerobic and anaerobic exercise.
  • MTS is good for applying to lumbar traction and cervical traction and resistance exercise using pulley system.
  • Indication: Stroke, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, adhesive capsulitis, spinal stenosis, degenerative arthritis, scoliosis, facet joint syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, rotator cuff tear, and before and after pregnancy.
  • Contraindication: Severe inflammation, tumors, soft tissue rupture, fracture, and severe symptoms.