Gait Training System

GTS develops as body weight support system composed with walking rail, walking equipment, and suit, etc. to have gait training and graduated circuit rehabilitation training.

GTS guides elders or patients with chronic disabilities to do various functional activity of daily living in hospitals and rehabilitation centers effectively.

As users can walk safely and independently, it makes therapists lighten from physical load.

Group therapeutic exercise system can let many users can have training at the same time

Smooth weight support rail system : walking rail, walking equipment and suit, etc.

  • User can independently perform stble walking training
  • Group therapeutic exercise system

GTS-Basic & GTS-Crossway


  • GTS is possible on early rehabilitative training to patient with severe disease and early/acute disease efficiently and systemically.
  • GTS is the unique method to train the patients who cannot walk independently caused by the severe damages.
  • GTS is optimized the efficiency of time and space use and the many users can have training at the same time.
  • GTS develops the Turn Terminal System which is automatic or manual to change user at the center rail direction or other outer rail direction to not affect the direction of the each other. And not only GTS can use at the same time but also to install variously in small space and effective in time and space.
  • Possible on graduated circuit rehabilitation training indoor for adapting walking outdoor.
  • GTS develops circuit rehabilitation training and is composed of each of the level room to have walking training on even ground, uneven ground, in a complex and unpredictable environment and task-oriented training for adapting walking outdoor.